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been looking in to the history of the area and i have found that the area is mostly industrial gas works, mill, brewery, but it also had a work house,where studio 24 is, and a prison where st Andrews house is.


dark and light

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am playing with the idea of dark and light because what the reason i loved is for two reasons and they are it dramatic lighting and lost felling of the place so i think i am going to work with those two aspects.

why i climed athurs seat?

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i done this to gain more idea i decided that i should place my work up there so and see what i got from it. so when i got to the top i placed my work in different areas to see how it look.


i was there for a while doing this taking photos stopping and thinking about what i was doing and it was with doing this i decided i should leave one there i chose a site and and burred the doll under some moss on crow hill and left.

burrying the dollsite where it is

it felt so weird leaving it i didn’t want to, i couldn’t work it out why, as i was walking down it felt more and more like a weight was being lifted i started trying to work out why it took me a while but i think it was because i mad each of the dolls to represent a barrier that i have put up in my life and leaving it there was like leaving behind something that had happened to me in my life in a way laying it to rest.

Go figure

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make a piece of work based on the figure so i have decide to carry on from my inside outside project because i think i struck on something with that project.

inside outside

so i started off looking at the coffin dolls found on Arthur’s seat. when heard about these i was instantly intrigued because know one why they where there.there are many different theory’s as to why they were put there but they all have something to do with putting spirits to rest.

coffin dolls


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it has now been agreed that natalie wilson’s new  middle name is charlie


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this is my first post yeah


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